Jim Wiley
about the Artist

Artistically a late bloomer, Jim began painting at the tender age of 65.
His initial efforts were wildlife on barnwood. About six months later,
inspired by Master carvers Euyless and Aurora Holcomb, he began
carving and wood sculpture --- the sawdust has "been flying" ever
since! Jim states, "I really enjoy this medium because it's fully
dimensional and I still get to paint. The presentation of the art through
the use of habitat, driftwood and burls make it even more enjoyable and
challenging. Most of Jim's carvings are from Tupelo wood and
presented on Buckeye burl and/or driftwood. From wood to surface
are approximately ten to fifteen coats of acrylic paint. Extra emphasis
is given to texturing the wood and layering paint to create a realistic
look. "When they swim off, I'll have achieved what I'm striving for."
says Jim.

Expert fly fisherman, fly tyer Jim Childers writes, "Your carvings are
without a doubt the best I have ever seen. The checkering and color
combinations along with the outstanding application not to mention
the outstanding carving accuracy of your subjects puts your work in a
class by itself. You indeed are an artist that will be widely recognized
before you know it."

Jim Wiley is a lifelong outdoorsman. His passion is flyfishing in general
and trout fishing in particular, thus his initial artistic efforts have been
trout! States Jim, "I guess I just know what they are supposed to, look
and feel like, besides the trout and its habitat must surely be one of
God's finest works." Continuing Jim says, "my hope is when one is
viewing my work, that for a moment they remove the clutter of daily
thought from their minds, and go to a place where cool mountain
breezes and tumbling waters rule."

Jim is a member of the Southern Highland Craft Guild, the Cumberland
Art Society for Creative Arts, Trout Unlimited and a lifetime
Member of the Carolina Antique Tackle Collectors Club and the
Florida Antique Fishing Tackle Collectors Club.

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